If bell pepper seed are starting to mold but the bell pepper is fine can you still eat it?

Answer I have done so many times.

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What depth should I plant mini bell pepper seeds?

Start your mini bell peppers inside by planting the seeds from 1/4- to 1/2-inch deep in soil in cells or small pots, just as you would do with regular bell peppers. These tropical plants need warm ... Read More »

How to Cut a Bell Pepper?

Even though cutting bell peppers is quite easy, you may not know where to start for the most efficient cutting. This article will show and tell you how!

The Rot on a Bell Pepper Plant?

Bell pepper plants produce fruit that is versatile for culinary uses and packed with vitamin C. Some people prefer the fruit when it is green, while others wait for it to turn sweet and ripen to or... Read More »

How do i water bell pepper plants?

PreparationSpread 1 to 2 inches of straw mulch, peat moss or shredded wood bark around the base of the bell pepper plants. Mulching reduces water loss from the soil. Keep the area clear of weeds th... Read More »