What color is a Brown Swiss?

Answer Brown Swiss cows can range in color from chestnut to dull black, and each Brown Swiss cow may have a light-colored stripe running down its back. The Brown Swiss cow originated in Switzerland and wa... Read More »

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How to Identify Brown Swiss Cattle?

This is an in-depth guide of how to identify Brown Swiss Cattle. Brown Swiss is a dairy breed, and the third popular breed used in dairy operations.

What color makeup matches brown hair&brown eyes?

On One Hand: Darker SkinIf you have a warmer skin tone, along with brown hair and brown eyes, warm reds, burnished browns and earthy tones tend to complement your features best. Consider putting a ... Read More »

What color is the Swiss flag?

The current Swiss flag was originally adopted by the country on December 12, 1889. This makes the Swiss flag one of the oldest ones still in use. The flag has a white cross in the center of a red ... Read More »

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes, so what hair color would I need if I was going to a Mary Kay party?

LOL, !! :)don't change a thing, wow them with your natural look.