What color is Neptune& Pluto?

Answer Neptune's color is bright azure blue, and Pluto's color is dirty brown. Neptune gets its color from the reaction of red sunlight with the methane in its atmosphere. Pluto's sparse atmosphere doesn'... Read More »

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Why is pluto called pluto?

Pluto was first observed in 1930, 25 years after the American astronomer Percival Lowell first theorized its existence. Its naming continued a long-established tradition of naming planets after Rom... Read More »

What kind of dog is pluto ?

Pluto is the animated dog that was developed by Walt Disney as Mickey's pet. In 1930, he made his first appearance in film as a bloodhound in the The Chain Gang.Source:The Encyclopedia of Disney An... Read More »

What is the orbit of Pluto?

Unlike the other planets, which orbit in a circular pattern, Pluto orbits in an elliptical pattern. This elliptical orbit sometimes places Pluto closer to the Sun than Neptune. In 2006, the Interna... Read More »

What is Pluto made from?

Pluto, once believed to be a planet, is now known as a dwarf planet. Because Pluto is so far away from Earth, we do not know as much about it as we would like to. The precise composition of Pluto i... Read More »