What color ink is used to sign a legal document?

Answer The color of ink that is required for use on legal documents varies depending on the state where the document is being signed and the type of document itself. Many states allow the use of either bl... Read More »

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What color ink is used to sign legal documents?

Unless otherwise specified, sign legal documents in blue ink. The color of the blue ink produces a lighter contrast on black and white copies, which makes it easier to determine a copy from an orig... Read More »

How do you get the father to sign all legal paperwork and to sign for joint custody when he is unwilling to do so?

AnswerYou can't force Dad to sign the paperwork if he doesn't want to. If you can't reach an agreement on your own, then the judge will have to make the decisions for you.

Is a fax a legal document?

Yes, a fax is a legal document. The case Hofer v. Young, heard by a California appeals court, has been the model for all state handling of faxed documents. The fax is considered a "writing," and th... Read More »

In a legal document, is it yea or yay?

“Yea” is an old-fashioned, and now formal, way of saying “yes.” “Yay,” on the other hand, is generally used to express enthusiasm and happiness over something. Therefore, in most legal ... Read More »