What color highlights look best on dark hair?

Answer On One Hand: Lighter Isn't Always BetterWhen people think about highlights, then usually think in terms of blond. Dark hair can make lighter colors stand out--and not necessarily in a good way.The ... Read More »

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Okay i have really dark brown hair but it almost looks black and i was wondering what highlights look best?

Okaye I think blond highlights would be nice on ur type and color of hair but not super blonde get them like a little bit Carmel and blond color

What color highlights would look good in my hair?

On One Hand: Not So NaturalHighlights that stand out contrast greatly with the natural color of your hair. If your hair is black, for instance, then a blond, white or light brown highlight would be... Read More »

What color highlights look good with blonde hair?

On One Hand: Highlighting and Skin TonePeople with warmer skin tones may look better highlighting with colors such as red, light blond or blond. Brown can also be used, depending on the person's pr... Read More »

What color hair does caramel highlights look good on?

On One Hand: Caramel highlights brighten darker hairDarker hair colors can look flat when they are single tone. Adding caramel highlights can brighten darker hair color, adding the appearance of di... Read More »