What color eyeshadow does Brooke, is it a light purple?

Answer yes.

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What Color Eyeshadow for Blue-Grey Eyes & Light Blonde Hair?

According to the website, Eye Make Up Tips, eyeshadow colors should be chosen based on the color and shape of your eyes. Additionally, there are different types of eyeshadow consistency and form to... Read More »

What color goes with light purple?

Green. Light green. Like the colour of the logo for yahooanswers :)

What does purple light do to a plant?

Exposing a plant to only purple light will stunt its growth. Plants must absorb different portions of the spectrum in order for photosynthesis to create chlorophyll. By denying a plant access to th... Read More »

What color does purple&orange make?

When orange and purple are mixed together, it produces a brown color. Mixing equal parts of the two colors lead to a color that resembles mud. The more purple you add, the darker the color becomes;... Read More »