How to Have Eyebrows Like Marilyn Monroe?

Answer Marilyn Monroe was not just famous for the movies she made, but also for the way she looked. Her staple red lips and high-arched eyebrows accentuated her face and helped her express herself. Whethe... Read More »

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How to Have Hair Like Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most enduring icons of our time. Her sex appeal and comedic talent skyrocketed her to the top of the Hollywood ladder. Her untimely death cut her time short, but her st... Read More »

What color eyes will baby have if mother has brown eyes and father has blue eyes?

Brown eye gene = BBlue eye gene = b Each person has two copies of the eye color gene in their genome, one inherited from each parent. Now if both parents only carry the gene for brown eyes, BB and ... Read More »

What color eyes will baby have if male has blue eyes and female has brown eyes?

To accurately guess it would be better to have the eye color of both of the parent's parents.

What size dress did Marilyn Monroe wear?

The late Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12, but women's dress sizes have changed greatly over the years, and a 12 in the 1960s is considered closer to a size 8 or 10 today. Marilyn was 5 feet 5.5 inche... Read More »