What Hair Color Looks Best With Hazel Eyes?

Answer Having hazel eyes gives you the opportunity to experiment with many different hair colors that can bring out different colors in your eyes or your skin tone. Even when you lighten your hair at home... Read More »

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What eye color looks best on me Blue or Brown?

Proof that you should stick to your natural eyes.The blue ones look cheap and tacky. The brown ones look fab though, so keep em natural!

Best eye shadow colours for blue eyes?

Well i have blue eyes, And the only colours that suit are actually, Brown, silve and black and blue. I try to blend it a lot so Blue i try blend with a light blue and a darker blue which makes them... Read More »

If a women with green eyes got pregnant by a man with blue eyes, what color would their kid most likely have?

It can go either way, but green is dominant over blue. Using genetics, the common answer would be a 75% chance green and 25% blue. But that 25% can happen.

How to Choose The Best Eye Shadow Color for Your Eyes?

Choosing the best eye shadow color for your eyes will enhance them immensely. Eye makeup is one of the most important part in the whole look. Your eyes are the first feature that many people noti... Read More »