What color of hat does papa smurf wear?

Answer Wow, I can't believe people cited a source for the color of papa smurfs hat. Sorry that's just odd to me. A true smurf fan already knows the color of his hat, rojo (spanish for RED). No need to cit... Read More »

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What color does litmus paper turn when dipped in lemon juice?

Red litmus paper will remain the same color when exposed to lemon juice, which is an acid. Blue litmus paper will turn red when exposed to an acid such as lemon juice.Source:Elmhurst College: Acid-... Read More »

What does too large a morsel chokes the child mean?

Maybe its because they feel you that you have more rigths

What color does litmus paper turn?

Litmus paper is used to indicate the presence of an acid or base. Litmus paper will turn red under acidic conditions, and blue under basic conditions. If the conditions are neutral, meaning that th... Read More »

What color does a base turn litmus paper?

A base, also known as alkaline, turns red litmus paper blue. Blue litmus paper will be turned red by an acid. Neutral solutions will not cause either red or blue litmus paper to change color.Source... Read More »