What color do you get when you mix yellow&purple together?

Answer When mixed together, the primary color yellow and the secondary color purple make brown. Primary colors (red, yellow and blue) cannot be created from any other colors. Secondary colors (green, oran... Read More »

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What color paint will tie together burgandy and an almost buttery cream color?

what colors are the seat cushions/curtains/wall decor? are there any shades you could pull from any of these suggestions?or you could always do a tone on tone look. (i personally like this)

What color combinations go well together?

On One Hand: Similarity Adds CalmnessOne way to determine color coordination is to look at a color wheel. To find two or three colors that go well together, choose a primary color and then add the ... Read More »

How to Put Together Color Combinations?

Combining colors, whether for a painting, a website or the walls of your home, can be great fun. Most people will capitalize on colors that have always been favorites, and that’s fine. Start with... Read More »

How to Determine What Color to Use on the Color Wheel When Coloring Hair?

The ability to change hair color allows women to alter their looks depending on their mood or personality, but not all colors work well with any skin tone. There are two types of skin colors -- coo... Read More »