Should you paint the ceiling and trim the same but darker green color when painting the wall a light natural green?

Answer Traditional decorating thought says you should not paint a ceiling anything but white. Don't listen... but do be aware of what effect you will get. 1) If your walls are a light natural green and ... Read More »

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What color do you get when you mix red&green?

The outcome of combining red and green depends on whether you are mixing light, in which case you will get a form of yellow, or mixing paint, in which case you will get a version of brown or gray. ... Read More »

When you mix green&yellow what color do you get?

Mixing green and yellow creates a color somewhere between green and yellow. The exact shade depends on the ratio of the involved colors. A higher yellow content will create a brighter, lighter yell... Read More »

What color does brown and green make when mixed?

The result will depend upon the proportion and shade of both the brown and the green used. When brown and green are mixed together, the end result is a dark, almost black color.Source:Kidz Zone: Th... Read More »

What does it mean when the mucus plug is tinged with green im having discharge that's green ans gel like?

I'm not too sure what it means or how far pregnant you are. I would suggest making an appointment with your midwife or GP, just to be sure you are not starting with an infection. Unfortunately, the... Read More »