What color do you get when you mix blue and orange?

Answer Mixing blue and orange will give you brown or a shade of brownish gray. The exact color depends on the shade of blue you use, as well as the shade of orange. An orange shade with more red in it, fo... Read More »

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What color would orange and blue make?

1.Brownish green2. Brown ( i say this because blue and yellow make green. And green and orange make brown

What color does orange&dark blue make?

When you mix dark blue and orange, you get a shade of brown. Blue and orange are complementary colors. Any time you mix complementary colors, the result is a muddy brown. Other complementary color ... Read More »

What color mixed with orange makes blue?

Since orange and blue are opposite colors on the color wheel, there is nothing that can be added to orange to arrive at a blue color, except a very large amount of blue paint. Another barrier to th... Read More »

What color Sharpie is needed to change orange thread to blue?

Blue is a primary color, which means no two colors can be mixed to create blue. If orange thread is covered with ink from a blue permanent marker, the result will be a brown color.Source:University... Read More »