What color can I mix with orange to make tan?

Answer Adding blue to orange will make a tan. If it's too dark of a brown after adding the blue, trying lightening it by adding yellow. The three primary colors--red, blue and yellow--always make brown wh... Read More »

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What color does yellow& orange make?

Yellow is a primary color and orange is a secondary color. If you mix the two together you create yellow-orange. Yellow-orange is a tertiary color and tertiary colors are formed by mixing a primary... Read More »

What color does purple&orange make?

When orange and purple are mixed together, it produces a brown color. Mixing equal parts of the two colors lead to a color that resembles mud. The more purple you add, the darker the color becomes;... Read More »

What color would orange and blue make?

1.Brownish green2. Brown ( i say this because blue and yellow make green. And green and orange make brown

What color does orange&dark blue make?

When you mix dark blue and orange, you get a shade of brown. Blue and orange are complementary colors. Any time you mix complementary colors, the result is a muddy brown. Other complementary color ... Read More »