What color brown hair is best for light skin?

Answer On One Hand: Golden Light SkinFor light skin that has tan or golden undertones, use brown hair coloring with a slight tint of red highlight to it. Light to medium browns, such as auburn, walnut, co... Read More »

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What color dip dye would look best with light brown hair?

A light/medium colour blue would look nice. Maybe also purple or red. Definitely not green or yellow though, as it would wash out the light brown. I hope that I helped.

Does blonde hair go with light brown skin?

It depends on how blonde the hair is. Some people can pull it off, and some people can't.

Red or light brown hair color>pictures of me*?

Hmmm....I think you might look better with the power red. It looks like it may be more of your style, and I think you would look pretty with it. By the way, you are beautiful

How to Color Natural Black Hair to Light Brown?

If you wish to lighten your naturally dark hair, it is usually recommended by stylists to get the job done professionally in a salon to ensure solid results. If you wish to tackle the task yourself... Read More »