What color braces should I get and what should i expect.?

Answer Go with blue ! That'll look so nice on your skin tone, and never do yellow or red. Green too would look really cool !!!!!!

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I go july 21st to get my braces,what should i expect?

Your mouth will feel weird for a day or so, maybe a little slimey. Your vacation will be awesome though because the pain will be gone and you can eat anything you want!

I'm getting my braces off tommorow.. what should i expect?

What should I expect when I get braces Can I still play my instrument?

Hey! Let me tell you, braces should not affect anything! They do have limitations on food, but they shouldn't affect how you play instruments! I have braces, had them on since last August and the f... Read More »

Braces are off in two weeks, what should i expect and what can I do for whitening after?

When I had my braces taken off, it was weird after getting so used to them! They pulled and poked a little bit but when they were off, they washed my teeth with an air brush and then applied whiten... Read More »