What color braces don't stain easily?

Answer I'm suppose to have them on for that long too.. ok so were i go they have clear ones you can get so if they have clear get clear :#

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Im 13 and getting braces soon, but i dont want them!!!!?

Believe me it is worth suffering a year or two in order to have perfect teeth for the rest of your life, you will not regret having them after they are over and done with.

I dont want braces do i need them. ):?

umm, yeah. unless you want that gap. and crowding.. theyre not bad. i got mine in 4th grade. im actually very happy i did. i love my teeth now.

Gettin color bands on braces changed, wat color should i get?

Get silver because they will match the color of the wire and the brackets. That's the color I've been using for two and a half years now.

I am dying my ends... after i dye them do i wrap them in aluminum foil so they dont stain my clothes or skin?

Yeah, the foil will also keep the dye wet so it will give you a brighter color