What color are wasps?

Answer Wasps come in several colors depending on the species. The most common wasps are either all yellow, dark brown with yellow bands on the abdomen or mostly brown with some yellow on the abdomen.Sourc... Read More »

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What color flowers do wasps pollinate?

The majority of wasps do not pollinate flowers. This is a job for the better-equipped bee. The exception to this are wasps that have developed a close codependency on a specific species of plant, s... Read More »

How do you keep wasps away from yourself?

take a can of insect repellent with insect repellent lotion and rub it on yourselves

How to keep wasps away?

I wouldn't try to get rid of them myself but where I live in an apartment complex they make their home in holes between the bricks and seem to be coming back each year. The landlord calls their pe... Read More »

How to get rid of wasps?

Soak the nest good with the spray and a lot of spray should kill them.