What color are wasps?

Answer Wasps come in several colors depending on the species. The most common wasps are either all yellow, dark brown with yellow bands on the abdomen or mostly brown with some yellow on the abdomen.Sourc... Read More »

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What color flowers do wasps pollinate?

The majority of wasps do not pollinate flowers. This is a job for the better-equipped bee. The exception to this are wasps that have developed a close codependency on a specific species of plant, s... Read More »

What do sea wasps eat?

Sea wasps, also known as box jellyfish, are equipped with up to 15 tentacles that can grow to 10 feet (three meters) long. They use their tentacles to catch a variety of small fish and crustaceans.... Read More »

What do paper wasps eat?

Paper wasps are insects with a distinct black, yellow and orange pattern on their bodies. They have long legs and dark-colored wings. Paper wasps are predatory insects that feed on caterpillars, sp... Read More »

What Are Cicada Wasps?

Cicada killer wasps are giant parasitic wasps so named for the choice menu item for their young: cicadas. They capture and use cicadas as hosts for their eggs and as the newborn grub's first meal. ... Read More »