What color are aspen trees?

Answer Two aspen species grow in North America. Quaking aspen bark is white or cream with occasional black marks. The tree's leaves are shield-shaped with small serrations. Bigtooth aspen bark is whitish-... Read More »

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What is the flower color of peach trees?

Peach trees flower in the spring, covering themselves with showy flowers in colors such as pink, red, cream and white. If there is a quick temperature drop of 0 to -5 degrees Fahrenheit, or tempera... Read More »

When Do Trees Change Color in Helen, Georgia?

Nestled in the mountains of north Georgia, Helen is a quaint, Bavarian-style town, designed to resemble an alpine village. In northern Georgia, fall leaf color is best in October, which is an excel... Read More »

Why Some Trees Leaves Turn From Green to a Different Color and Then Fall to the Ground?

Many take it for granted that leaves on trees discolor in the fall and defoliate from tree branches without taking the time to understand why they do so. It's not just out of simple curiosity that ... Read More »

Why are the oranges that you buy in the store bright orange colored while the ones you pick off of trees are dull in color?

Answer The grocers put a thin wax coating on the exterior of the fruit to make it look more appealing.