What color are shooting stars?

Answer Meteorites, commonly miscalled shooting stars, are usually black in color. However, because they move at a high speed, they create friction with the air, causing extreme heat that radiates as brigh... Read More »

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About Shooting Stars?

Go out on a clear night away from city lights and look up into the night sky for a while. You are likely to see some bright streaks of light that appear to fall from the sky. We call those streaks ... Read More »

How often do shooting stars occur?

While the visibility of shooting stars depends on the clarity of the sky and whether a meteor shower is in progress or not, normally one can see shooting stars every 10 to 15 minutes on any given n... Read More »

What are shooting stars produced from?

The term shooting star, or falling star, refers to a meteor. Shooting stars are produced when space debris travels rapidly through the Earth's atmosphere and burns, producing a bright, fiery light.... Read More »

How fast are shooting stars?

Shooting stars are actually debris from meteors. They typically travel at 12 to 72 km per second (8 to 45 miles) as make their way through the Earth's atmosphere. Blink and you are likely to miss o... Read More »