What colour are your undies?

Answer what ever color you want them to be hun!

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WHERE do i place my pad in my undies when im on my period?

see thats why u leak wear maxi pads ultra thins dont do **** excuse the language but they dont i use always infinity heavy and just in case i leak when i sit down i out a liner right wear my but is... Read More »

Is it "gay" that I like to wear cute undies?

i think that is realy hot and not gay. i were guy boxers alot but i am not a lez

Is it ok to put socks and undies in the same load?

You have to remember what you're doing. Your are WASHING your clothes so even if there are foot germs (that's cute) and sweat germs and any other germs, they are getting washed out. The only separa... Read More »

How do I go about removing fecal stains from my undies?

Eat Velveeta and Oxycontin to slow down the leakage. And what you're doing isn't sinful. You're just a curious little minx. As for the stains, well some guys on E-Bay pay top dollar, so before you ... Read More »