What colour are your undies?

Answer what ever color you want them to be hun!

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What is the difference between seeing a girl in undies and bra instead of bikini?

Society says you're usually not supposed to see a girl in her bra and panties, but it is appropriate for her to be seen in a bikini swimsuit. The funny thing is, I would bet that a lot of bikinis o... Read More »

Don`t people in the army wear undies?

............... the term Commando came from their enemies!Each time the enemies were seeing Commandos approaching, they would soil their undies because of fear....So they decided not to wear them ,... Read More »

Is it ok to put socks and undies in the same load?

You have to remember what you're doing. Your are WASHING your clothes so even if there are foot germs (that's cute) and sweat germs and any other germs, they are getting washed out. The only separa... Read More »

Is it "gay" that I like to wear cute undies?

i think that is realy hot and not gay. i were guy boxers alot but i am not a lez