What color are fig leaves?

Answer Fig trees (scientific name Ficus carica) have shiny large green leaves. These are deciduous trees, meaning the tree loses its leaves each fall and grows new ones in the spring.Source:California Rar... Read More »

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What color do beech tree leaves change to?

Beech tree leaves typically change to a shade of yellowish-green or golden brown in autumn, according to the “National Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees.” The Ohio Department of Natural Reso... Read More »

What is the color of the Crimson King maple leaves in the spring?

If a plant has a high amount of orange pigment carotene it would have what color leaves?

When a plant has more carotene in it than chlorophyll, the leaves appear yellow. When plants have both chlorophyll and carotene the leaves look green. The yellow color appears as the chlorophyll de... Read More »

Why do Drosera leaves change color?

What you are seeing is the maturation phase of the plant.As with the sunworts and Venus Flytraps of North America, sundews multiple by sending off "runners" that set root some distance away from th... Read More »