Where can you find crab apples?

Answer a crab apple tree

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How do I plant flowering crab apples?

LocationSelect a location for planting the crab apple tree that receives a full eight hours of sunlight a day. Avoid planting them near established, large trees.PlantingDig a hole large enough to h... Read More »

How to Propagate Robinson Crab Apples?

Crab apples belong to the genus Malus, which includes domesticated and wild varieties of apples. Several species of crab apple are cultivated in gardens and landscaping as ornamental trees, includi... Read More »

How do I plant flowering white crab apples?

LocationChoose a location in the yard that receives six to eight hours of sun a day. Though crab apple trees can tolerate light shade, flowering is enhanced by bright sunlight. They are also not fu... Read More »

Can you trim a crab apple tree with apples on it?

All major pruning should occur in between February and April each year, when the tree is dormant. Major pruning includes removing limbs and annual pruning. Crab apples develop fruit in late summer,... Read More »