What color Computer should I get?

Answer How should we know? What color do you want?

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How to fix computer color?

It could be that your cable connecting your monitor has been loosened when your monitor was knocked slightly. Check all your connections first.If the color doesn't improve, then check your screen ... Read More »

What color leds should I get for my computer?

Which ones will make your computer perform better? Neither? Then why bother and why waste the money? (or should I say: Why waste your mommy and daddy's money?)

How to Change Your Eye Color on the Computer?

Take a quick shortcut with the help of computer graphics and change your eye color to the color you have always wanted. Changing your eye color on the computer is painless and affordable compared t... Read More »

How do I change the color of the tool bar on my computer?

Windows VistaRight-click anywhere on the desktop, and select "Personalization." Click on "Window Color and Appearance." Click on the link "Open classic appearance properties for more color options.... Read More »