Transfering college, should I refile fafsa for that college or do it once accepted...?

Answer You do NOT wait to file your fafsa. Apply for financial aid as soon after Jan 1st as possible. It is almost March!! What are you waiting for!!You can list up to 10 different schools. You do not... Read More »

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Should I go on active duty first and then go to college or go reserves and go to college while in the air force?

That's a decision you need to weigh carefully and decide for yourself.

What college should you got to to be in the FBI?

They used mostly 9 milimetre rounds hand gun or maybe the glock.

What laptop should I get for college?

dell xps m1330 or HP Pavilion tx2500zor if you really want portability theres the voodoo envy 133your college should tell you what they recommend and be able to get you a discount on the laptops th... Read More »

What type of laptop should I get for college?

If the campus has wireless, get a powehorse desktop and use a small used laptop as a remote terminal.Does $2000 include software?