What college did muhammad ali go to?

Answer Muhammad Ali did not attend college. He did attend grade school and high school. Ali competed in the 1960 Olympics and won the gold medal in the lightweight division. He was 18 years old. Shortly a... Read More »

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What college did Muhammad Ali attend?

Muhammad Ali did not attend college. He began his boxing career very early, perhaps at age 12, according to most reports. The years when he would have been college-aged were among his most dramatic... Read More »

Who is Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali is a former heavyweight champion boxer. During his boxing career, he beat many great boxers, including George Foreman and Joe Frazier. In 1981, Ali retired. He was diagnosed with Parki... Read More »

Who did Muhammad Ali lose to?

Over the course of 61 bouts, Muhammad Ali lost to Joe Frazier in 1971, Ken Norton in 1973, Leon Spinks in 1978, Larry Holmes in 1980, and Trevor Berbick in 1981, which was the last fight of his car... Read More »

How tall is muhammad ali?

There is some discrepancy regarding boxer and social activist Muhammad Ali's height when he was at his peak. He was six foot two and a half, according to, or six foot three, accord... Read More »