What college did Shaquille O'Neal attend?

Answer Shaquille O'Neal attended Louisiana State University, where he played for the Tigers during his freshman through junior years. He was then drafted into the NBA in 1992 by the Orlando Magic. While p... Read More »

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Can i still attend college if my previous college will not release my transcripts?

Colleges refuse to release your transcripts if you owe them a balance. You can still attend college if your previous institution will not release your transcripts. However, you will not receive cre... Read More »

What college did Muhammad Ali attend?

Muhammad Ali did not attend college. He began his boxing career very early, perhaps at age 12, according to most reports. The years when he would have been college-aged were among his most dramatic... Read More »

What college did carlton plan to attend?

What college did Harrison Ford attend?

Harrison Ford, best known as Han Solo from the "Star Wars" movies as well as his leading role in the Indiana Jones saga, attended Ripon College in Ripon, Wis., from 1960 to1964, but he did not grad... Read More »