Can i still attend college if my previous college will not release my transcripts?

Answer Colleges refuse to release your transcripts if you owe them a balance. You can still attend college if your previous institution will not release your transcripts. However, you will not receive cre... Read More »

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What college did Muhammad Ali attend?

Muhammad Ali did not attend college. He began his boxing career very early, perhaps at age 12, according to most reports. The years when he would have been college-aged were among his most dramatic... Read More »

What college did David letterman attend?

What college did Elijah McCoy attend?

Inventor Elijah McCoy did not attend college. When he was 15, he completed an engineering apprenticeship in Edinburgh, Scotland. He then returned to the United States to pursue a career in the fiel... Read More »

What college did Colin Powell attend?

American statesman Colon Powell received his B.S. degree in geology from City College of New York in 1957. Powell earned a Master of Business Administration degree from George Washington University... Read More »