What coins are worth the most?

Answer A coin's rarity and condition, along with public demand, usually determine how much the coin is worth. Mint coins made of precious metals, such as silver and gold, in rare circulation are generally... Read More »

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Are colorized coins worth more?

Colorized coins are considered collectibles and have little investment or numismatic value. The United States Mint does not make colorized coins. Private companies add color and sell them for more ... Read More »

How much are Mexican coins worth?

Most Mexican coins are pesos. Unless the coin is rare, as of November 2009, the exchange rate for Mexican pesos was 13 to one U.S. dollar, or about 8 cents per

How much are Roman coins worth?

Roman coin values vary widely based on desirability. A rare coin is not valuable if there is no demand from collectors. Common coins may be worth several dollars. Desirable examples in top conditi... Read More »

How to find out how much old coins are worth?

Whitman Publishing's "Red Book United States Coins" is the standard used by coin collectors and dealers. A new edition is published each year. For coins from other countries, find a collectible coi... Read More »