What coaxial cable should I use with my HDTV?

Answer On One Hand: Quad-shielded RG6 Cable is GoodQuad-shielded RG6 coaxial cable has foil shields that lessen signal loss. It is a step up from standard coaxial cable and usually costs about $10 more th... Read More »

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How to Connect a Coaxial Cable to an HDTV?

While high-definition televisions slowly are becoming the norm, most content still is delivered over coaxial cable, which in turn is connected to the source of the TV signal, whether that's cable, ... Read More »

Is this a decent Coaxial cable to connect a VCR/DVD Combo to my 720p HDTV?

...and until you get the Blu-ray player Grumpy Mac suggested...That type of cable will give you the lowest possible video quality (for an analog signal) and mono sound. A better choice would be a c... Read More »

Does coaxial cable give more cable than white cable?

Which of the following cables carry the signal from a cable modem to a PC is it a RCA cable hdmi ethernet or coaxial?