What clubs/bars could I sneak into around Seattle or Bellevue?

Answer NONE of them. I know who you are, and forwarded your info to the police watching those places. sorry bub.

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What is the distance between Bellevue& Seattle?

Via road, the distance between the cities of Bellevue and Seattle, Washington is approximately 10 miles. The trip, which travels across Lake Washington via Interstate 90, takes roughly 13 minutes ... Read More »

Is it possible for a teenager to fit into and sneak around in a vent/air duct?

yes it is an some get stuck an ne3dd rescueing

What are some really good Seafood restaurants near the Seattle/Bellevue, WA area?

Oceanaire is the best to me - it is in downtown Seattle. Waterfront Seafood Grill is owned by El Gaucho - pretty tasty and a nice view. Dahlia Lounge is owned by pretty famous chef Tom Douglas, rea... Read More »

What's the worst that could happen if I sneak alcohol into Disney?

Underage drinking is illegal and can get her seriously in trouble with the law. Disney will bar you for life from all of their establishments and you could face jail time.