What clothes should you wear to look preppy?

Answer The origin of the slang term preppy can be attributed to the code of dress enforced by most Ivy League preparatory schools. A clean cut and sophisticated mode of dress is indicative of preppy socia... Read More »

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What Clothes to Wear to Look Thinner?

Most women have a few pounds they'd like to lose. Luckily, the clothes women wear can smooth out curves and camouflage trouble spots with the proper use of color, shape and texture. The trick is in... Read More »

What clothes should my character wear?

for some reason i picture plain solid color SIMPLE dresses

How to Wear Clothes to Look Thinner?

Most women are trying to look thinner these days. Unfortunately, that usually requires a reduced calorie diet and exercise. This article will list ideas on how a woman can look thinner by selecti... Read More »

How to Wear Clothes to Look Slimmer?

The clothes you wear can create various impressions on the people around you. Many women feel the need to look slimmer than they actually are, and the clothes they wear can help them achieve it. H... Read More »