What climate made the Dead Sea Scrolls survive?

Answer The Dead Sea Scrolls, biblical manuscripts dating from the beginning of the Christian era, were discovered in 1947 near Qumran on the Dead Sea. The scrolls were so well preserved that many scholars... Read More »

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What do the dead sea scrolls contain?

A persecuted sect of Jews, possibly the Essenes, hid the Dead Sea Scrolls in the caves near the settlement of Qumran in about A.D. 70. They contain biblical and non-biblical religious and wisdom te... Read More »

What country has permanent possession of the dead sea scrolls?

The Dead Sea Scrolls were purchased in 1954 for the State of Israel by Yigael Yadin. Yadin was an archaeologist whose research into the scrolls earned him the Israel Prize in Jewish Studies in 1956... Read More »

What year were the Dead Sea Scrolls found?

Bedouin shepherds looking for a lost goat in the Khirbet Qumran region near the Dead Sea found the first of the scrolls in 1947. The West Semitic Research Project says the discovery prompted "a rac... Read More »

What language were the Dead Sea Scrolls written in?

The Dead Sea Scrolls were primarily written in Hebrew. A few of the Scrolls were also written in Greek and Aramaic. Aramaic is the ancient language of the Palestinian Jews.References:CenturyOne Boo... Read More »