What climate do herbs live in?

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In What Climate Does a Hippo Live?

The common hippopotamus is a large aquatic land mammal, native to the hot, tropical areas of Africa. Thousands of years ago, they roamed all of northern Africa and Europe, and they were a common si... Read More »

What climate do geckos live in?

Geckos are a diverse group of reptiles, accounting for up to an estimated 2,000 species. Geckos can be found in warm and temperate regions worldwide, but the majority of geckos live in sub-tropical... Read More »

What climate do termites live in?

Most termites live in tropical or subtropical regions. Some species of subterranean termites live as far north as Canada and survive by building burrows underground. In the United States, Alaska is... Read More »

What type of climate does the Bougainvillea live in?