What classes to take for wildlife photography?

Answer try taking a camera adn then take pictures with the teams there by hire ing the people there

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How many classes do you have to take for photography?

If I want to major in Photography do I have to take any other classes?

Answer The college or university will set the requirements for a degree. A degree will require classes in more than one area and must cover the basics in order to meet the certification and accre... Read More »

What is wildlife photography?

It is simply the photography of all types of wildlife (fish, birds, mammals) whatever takes your fancy. Some people include plants and wild landscapes (it is all nature). For most people this is a ... Read More »

Are there any high school classes you can take in order to more prepare yourself in photography?

Besides the obvious Photography class, I, personally, would take art. They both require creativity and, with some pictures, a good handle on geometric shapes and the like. Art -- hell, probably jus... Read More »