What classes do you need to be a CSI?

Answer Crime scene investigators (CSIs) collect, identify, and document the evidence found at the scene of crime, which is the analyzed by forensic scientists. Before you can become a CSI, you need a coll... Read More »

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What Classes Do You Need for Zoology?

Zoology is a specialty within the field of biology. It focuses on the study of animal life. Animals are studied along with single-celled organisms and embryos. The behavior of animals is examined, ... Read More »

What Classes Do I Need to Be in Marketing?

Marketing is the field of business that focuses on generating consumer demand. Marketers can execute marketing strategies and tactics or analyze causes and results of marketing campaigns. While th... Read More »

What classes do you need to be a paralegal?

Paralegals are trained professionals who perform legal tasks under the guidance of lawyers. These trained professionals may work at law firms, corporations and government agencies. Paralegals are r... Read More »

What classes do you need to take for the Marines?

The only classes the Marine Corps requires is a High School diploma or equivalency.