What city was the setting for the show"Gunsmoke"?

Answer "Gunsmoke" was a Western set in Dodge City, Kansas. It began as a radio program, broadcast from 1952 to 1961 on the CBS Radio Network. The radio show remained on the air even after CBS began airin... Read More »

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What cop show never mentioned in what city was the setting?

What is the difference between setting a computer to hibernate and setting it to sleep?

Hibernate saves the current state (RAM contents, etc) to the hard drive and shuts down completely. On starting up, the state is resumed from the hard disk.Sleep (or suspend) keeps everything intact... Read More »

What is the printer paper size setting called that is the normal, most used setting?

Computer printers have a feature known as the default paper size, set for the most common type of printing paper in a particular region. For example, the default paper size for the United States is... Read More »

What was a children fantasy 90s TV series in featuring a lost and forbidden city fantasy setting with magic in which present day people end up after a plane or chopper crash?

Land of the Lost dealt with a lost ( disoriented) party of explorers (and some kids) my guess somewhere in California"s death valley-though this was never stated, Just how they got lost was not exp... Read More »