What city was the setting for the show"Gunsmoke"?

Answer "Gunsmoke" was a Western set in Dodge City, Kansas. It began as a radio program, broadcast from 1952 to 1961 on the CBS Radio Network. The radio show remained on the air even after CBS began airin... Read More »

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What cop show never mentioned in what city was the setting?

What was a children fantasy 90s TV series in featuring a lost and forbidden city fantasy setting with magic in which present day people end up after a plane or chopper crash?

Land of the Lost dealt with a lost ( disoriented) party of explorers (and some kids) my guess somewhere in California"s death valley-though this was never stated, Just how they got lost was not exp... Read More »

When i switch my computer on my monitor display setting keep changing . i have to adjust setting every time.?

Hi,Please do the following-Right click your desktop> Properties> Settings tab and at the lower right yu'll c Advanced tab. Click on it.Here yu'll find three radio buttons under 'After I change Disp... Read More »

Why avast antivirs updates slowly on manual setting and fastly on automatic setting?

Probably because it doesn't actually download a whole new database each time. It doesn't have to discard the entire database just because some new virus definitions got out. All it has to download ... Read More »