How do you feel about a city that is making a lady remove garden or JAIL TIME.. yes you read that right!?

Answer I read more and more articles like this everyday. I just posted another question about the abuse of government. Another woman arrested in Quartzsite Arizona that went viral on 'you tube' Another ar... Read More »

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What is the name of the city that was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire?

Emperor Constantine made the city of Byzantium his capital of the Roman Empire and renamed the city Constantinople. As the Roman Empire fractured into an eastern and western empire, Constantinople ... Read More »

What is name of the Great Lake that the city of Chicago is located on?

Chicago, IL is located on the south southwest shore of Lake Michigan, one of the five great lakes.

Now that oil has dropped 10 bucks a barrell what city are u in an what are you paying per gallon?

I have not been out in two days BUT it was $2.34. It is probably less now; Yeppers, we are STEALING gas in mid-Missouri. But then that is only fair as big oil is being encouraged to steal from us.

What are some restaurants to eat at in Dallas, Texas that have a view of the city?

The best would probably be Reunion Tower, it rotates so you'll see all sides of the city during dinner. Nana in the Anatole has a great scenic view of the city too. Others to check out would be Sev... Read More »