What area code or country code do you live in?

Answer 714 in california =]

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I Phone 3G not recognizing phone numbers without area code i live in Lebanon and the code is 00961 x xxxxxx does any one know the solution any software should be installed?

Since it keeps freezing first turn off the iphone then turn it back on and if that doesn't work restore it with iTunes.

What city is area 51 in?

Now officially renamed "Homey Airport," the site known as Area 51 is located in Groom Lake, Nevada, according to Philip Ewing on The Department of Defense denied the existence of ... Read More »

How much is gas in ur area & what city or state are u from?

Well in Ohio, about half an hour west of Cleveland, gas is about $2.29-$2.39 for regular and diesel I think is still right about $3.00/gallonAfter seeing everyone else's prices, I guess I can't com... Read More »

What city in Nevada is Area 51 in?

Area 51, the top-secret military base rumored to be involved in UFO research, is located outside any metropolitan area. The installation is situated about 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nev.Reference... Read More »