What city in Nevada is Area 51 in?

Answer Area 51, the top-secret military base rumored to be involved in UFO research, is located outside any metropolitan area. The installation is situated about 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nev.Reference... Read More »

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Area 51 secret air base in Nevada?

There is an Area 51, it is in Nevada, it is an air base.Doesn't seem much of a secret, though. Not after it being discussed for a few decades. The government tests planes and such out there. And kn... Read More »

What is the Area name for the alleged secret air base in Nevada US?

RV Resorts Near Nevada City, California?

Although the Gold Rush of the 19th century has long since come and gone, Nevada City, California, still celebrates its significance. Nevada City, tucked away in the mountains of northern California... Read More »

Does nevada have state&city sales tax?

There is state sales tax imposed in Nevada and this is variable per county. As of May 2010, the minimum statewide tax rate is 6.85 percent. The combined state/county sales taxes rate can be as high... Read More »