What city has the highest paid nurse practitioners?

Answer According to The PayScale Report and as of April 2010, New York pays nurse practitioners the highest salary at $72,154 to $100,171 per year. Boston is a close second at $68,784 to $99,711. Compare ... Read More »

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What Types of Duties Do Nurse Practitioners Do?

Nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses who serve as primary care providers. Some specialize in certain fields, while others provide generalized health care services. The expanded scope of... Read More »

What degree is required for ER nurse practitioners?

In order to work as an ER nurse practitioner, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is required. Also, ER nurse practitioners are required to take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam and may be required ... Read More »

What are the education requirements for nurse practitioners?

Nurse practitioners enjoy job security and high salaries. However, there are specific educational requirements for this career. The work is challenging and highly rewarding for people who enter the... Read More »

What is the salary of certified registered nurse practitioners?

According to PayScale, certified registered nurse practitioners have a salary range of $63,938 to $100,500 a year, as of July 2010. Family nurse practitioners earn between $69,799 and $84,781 per y... Read More »