How much is gas in ur area & what city or state are u from?

Answer Well in Ohio, about half an hour west of Cleveland, gas is about $2.29-$2.39 for regular and diesel I think is still right about $3.00/gallonAfter seeing everyone else's prices, I guess I can't com... Read More »

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How to Find an Area Code When You Have a 7 Digit Phone Number But Don't Know the State?

Area codes were developed in the 1940s by AT&T and Bell Laboratories to allow for more possible telephone number combinations. Even with the seven-digit phone number, there may be multiple area cod... Read More »

Can someone keep their same phone number (including area code) when moving to a another part of the state?

yes, but only if you have VoiP ( Broadband) phone provider....I moved from one state to the next...and just took my equipment with me...plug it in, and nothing changed...the phone number....when yo... Read More »

What area code or country code do you live in?

What city is area 51 in?

Now officially renamed "Homey Airport," the site known as Area 51 is located in Groom Lake, Nevada, according to Philip Ewing on The Department of Defense denied the existence of ... Read More »