How to Become Emancipated in the State of New Jersey?

Answer New Jersey has no particular law regulating emancipation, but it's available to teenagers above the age of 16 that live apart from their parents and are capable of supporting themselves. Emancipati... Read More »

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Can you move to another state if you get emancipated?

Emancipation laws vary by state. Generally, an emancipated minor is afforded all of the rights of an adult, including moving to another state. Many state laws have provisions to accommodate minors ... Read More »

In the state of Utah Can i be emancipated at age 14 if I'm pregnant?

that person before me didnt know anything im 15 and im emancipated because im pregnant i was 14 when i first got emancipated and yeah i live in Utah. Although you will go back to a minor after the ... Read More »

Can a 16 year old mother be emancipated in new york state?

New York State does not issue "emancipation orders". A child may only be emancipated as a part of some other court action, such as when a parent thinks he should not have to pay to support an emanc... Read More »

Is a pregnant minor considered emancipated in the state of CA?

  Pregnancy and Emancipation RightsYou cannot get emancipated merely because you're pregnant. However, if you meet your state's requirements for emancipation, yes. As a general rule, you would be... Read More »