What cheese is similar to gruyere cheese?

Answer Gruyere cheese is similar to Swiss cheese. It is a hard cow's milk cheese from Switzerland. Another similar cheese is Emmentaler, a Swiss cheese with a higher fat content. Gruyere has holes like Sw... Read More »

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What is gruyere cheese?

Named for the Swiss village Gruyères where it was invented in the 12th century, Gruyere is a semi-firm cheese. Excellent for melting, Gruyere is commonly used in many fondues, souffles and sandwic... Read More »

What cheese can substitute for gruyere?

On One Hand: Gruyere Is a Swiss CheeseDepending on the intended use of Gruyere, different types of Swiss can be used as a substitute. For fondue, Emmental and generic Swiss are common substitutes. ... Read More »

Burger with cheese French fries with Cheese Chili with Cheese Or Broccoli with cheese Which from this->?

Broccoli with cheese. Yum!Goodnight Scooter :)

How to Make Vegan Gruyere Cheese?

Nutritional yeast gives the vegan Gruyere its cheese flavor, while the pureed oats and cornstarch add creaminess. If you have no tahini, then you can substitute almond butter.