What characteristics does a child who came from a broken family has?

Answer attention-seeker. whether it's the mother or father that is missing. but whatever happens, it will still be the person's choice on what is the characteristic that he will portray.

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"The family you created should come before the family you came from."--agree or disagree?

my kids do come first and foremost. i do consider my husbands wishes first. but i NEVER forget the rest of my family. why do you have to put any of them first? i mean if it was something like there... Read More »

Who was the Alien Girl in Partridge Family in Space cartoon she came from a low-gravity planetit was obvious?

I just did some research on this, and her name was Veenie. She was from Venus. She had two-tone skin which was really neat and would float to the ceiling when emotionally elated.

How to Cope with Being From a Broken Family?

Can an unmarried father get primary physical custody of the child if the mother hid the child from her family and said he was put up for adoption and also took him to a hotel to meet with a guy?

Answer You will have to see a lawyer on this one and get the proof that everything you stated is true or it's classified as "heresay evidence" (her word against yours.) If she can be declared an u... Read More »