What characteristic of ampalaya plants protect them from their enemies?

Answer they emit foul odor

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What is a common characteristic of both nuclear&electric power plants?

Nuclear and electric power plants both use a conventional steam generator. This generator has a steam circuit that operates under the Rankine cycle, which uses water as a reaction catalyst in the c... Read More »

How do you use ampalaya leaves?

the ampalaya leaves can be used to cure some tumor in the uterus, dysmenorhea and hormonal imbalance...just pound the leaves and mix the ampalaya juice with sambong juice...drink one half cup of it... Read More »

How to protect plants naturally?

There is no blanket protection action you can take that will protect your plants from all comers. You have to treat each issue as it comes.Aphids on trees can be dealt with by spraying the dormant... Read More »

How to Protect Plants from the Cold?

Roses will generally go dormant when it's cold, but they'll regrow next year.If your weather is a bit too cold or your plants a bit too tender, there are things you can do to help your garden throu... Read More »