What character does sara paxton play in the last house on the left?

Answer Sara Paxton play the role of Mari one of the main characters in the movie. She also was raped, beaten and shot she almost died but in the movie her dad was a doctor or a surgean.

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Who does Jennifer stone play in wizards of Waverly place?

Who is you're favorite full house character?

Michelle, Stephanie, DJ, Danny ,Jessie , Joey,Kimmy,and also Nickey and Alex also Becky. Everyone!

Character list in Mickey's House of villains?

Yes. Good Character list and Bad Character list is your.==Good Character list==*Ichigo Momomiya (Tokyo Mew Mew, Disney's Totally Ichigo Momomiya, Ichigo Momomiya's Evolution)*Dan Kuso (Bakugan Batt... Read More »

How to Know Your Character in a Play?

Hey actors and actresses! So you just got your role in a play. If you really wanna nail this part you need to know who you are.