What channel is the New York Yankees game on DirecTV?

Answer You can pick up YES on DirecTV channel 631 in the Bronx.

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What channel was the New York Yankees game on DirecTV on October 6 2011?

The Yankees-Tigers playoff game on October 6, 2011 was on channel 247 (TBS).

What what channel is the Yankees game on dish network on tonight?

You can perform a search to locate the game on your receiver or on our website. You can use a tool we have available called Game Finder to see what channels if any in your area will be broadcasting... Read More »

What channel is Broncos game on directv?

What channel is Arkansas and Tennessee basketball game on tonight on directv?

I like them.. I had Comcast for about 5 years and decided to switch to DirecTV about a year and a half ago.. I absolutely love it! DTV has the priced locked in while Comcast only has the "6 month ... Read More »