What channel is the New York Yankees game on DirecTV?

Answer You can pick up YES on DirecTV channel 631 in the Bronx.

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What channel was the New York Yankees game on DirecTV on October 6 2011?

The Yankees-Tigers playoff game on October 6, 2011 was on channel 247 (TBS).

What channel is the vikings game today on Direct TV?

Go to their web site and get the phone number for your area or write them an email using the tab given on the site.

Watch New York Jets vs New York Giants live stream, gaints v jets online NFL?

No i haven't come to the right place since you didn't link anyone to anyplace.

How to Become a New York Giants Fan?

This is for that casual football fan who is looking for a place to settle their loyalty upon or how to properly appreciate and favor one specific team.