Are u able to get a cop radio or ambulence radio to channel 1-22 on regular radio?

Answer You mean regular am/fm broadcast radio?.... Nope......Or do you mean on one of these 22 channel FRS / GMRS radios?..... They are not supposed to be on these channels but I have heard them here........ Read More »

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What is the radio channel for BBC Radio Leeds?

How to make center channel produce left and right channel audio?

Not really.If you are trying to down-convert the sound to mono - why not just use the TV speakers?(sigh)Ok - some receivers like the Yamaha RX-V series have a feature called 'virtual cinema' that w... Read More »

What channel number is BBC radio 2 on?

"I wont kneel" by Groove ArmadaSee link for BBC TV Ad music list..

What channel is BBC radio in Israel?

Yes it is in that the British Broadcasting Company is an entity of the British government. It however is not a publicly traded company like in the USA where stock shares are sold to the public to f... Read More »