What changes have been made on YouTube?

Answer I have found I am having less problems with it downloading clips.

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I have an Open Office Doc frozen. I have not been able to save any of the changes i made to it?

Sorry, darling, it's hosed. You'll need to close the doc, either from the task bar or from Task Manager, and reopen it. You might get lucky and be able to access a Repaired version, or one that was... Read More »

What changes have to be made to plug in an oven into a dryer outlet?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. You'll have to change the wiring and the receptacle.Your oven is most likely 4-wire, and your dryer circuit is 3-wire.Even... Read More »

How many changes have been adopted by your madre?

Why have my youtube views/monetised clicks not yet been calculated if I am a youtube partner?

what makes you so sure you have earned money?People have to click on the ad, not just watch the video for you to get paid, even then you get paid very little, but it does add up.